Authentic Birthday Sky Lanterns

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Make a beautiful impression on your birthday party by lighting the magical Birthday Sky Lanterns. It’s a wonderful idea for this special occasion. The Birthday Sky Lanterns fly up to the sky gently and travel for many kilometers, until they land again to the ground. Each sky lantern has its candle and it takes 60 seconds after we light it up to go up to the sky where it flies at height over 1000 meters when the weather is fine. We guarantee that the show will entertain you and your friends regardless of their age.

They are available according to your age in these packages:

Age Quantity of birthday sky lanterns
1-10 10
11-20 20
21-30 30
31-40 40
41-50 50
51-60 60
61-70 70
71-80 80
81-90 90
91-100 100

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